About Us

New Owners of Strike The Pose_Darryl and Chyanne Smith


We are happy to be part of the community here in Osoyoos. We are proud of being from a small town, deeply rooted in the a farming community.

Our journey to Osoyoos has been driven by a strong sense of community, and we are passionate about supporting local businesses. Small businesses are the heartbeat of any town, and we wholeheartedly champion their growth. 

The Smith Family
Our unwavering commitment to family, community and its entrepreneurial spirit fuels our desire to uplift and contribute to it's success.  Strike the Pose is a family ran business from the ground up. Starting with Don't Be Chy Boutique and Don't Be Chy Photography, we've grown so much in businesses and as a family.

Our 2 daughters help out as much as they can in between school and chores and Chyanne’s mother Marlene is now the store manager.

Marlene Lacey - Store Manager

{Insert Photo of Marlene Here} lol

Marlene is a remarkable individual who has been an integral part of Strike the Pose for over 8 years. A resident of Osoyoos, Marlene is more than just our Manager; she is a memorable and trusting face that greets you as you step into the store. She’s also Chyanne’s Mother and is not a fan of having her photo taken.  However, we're working on one for her bio.

With her warm smile and impeccable knowledge, she has become a trusted advisor for many customers. Marlene's dedication to providing exceptional service and her deep understanding of fashion trends make her an invaluable asset to Strike the Pose. In a world where personal connections matter, Marlene Lacey is the epitome of trust and reliability.